30fold Bookstore Compensation Plan

How do I get paid?

Profits From Sales In Your Store

The 30fold Bookstore Compensation plan is pretty simple. Start with the suggested retail price for each item. Subtract the wholesale price, the actual transaction cost, plus the transaction fee (4-10% depending on your plan). What’s left is your gross profit. You decide how much discount you want to give back to the customer in the form of regular discounts, coupons, or other promotions. What is left is your net profit. The good part is you don’t have to pay lights, rent, and wages out of that! You store runs 24×7, doe snot take coffee breaks, vacations, or sick leave.

Other affiliate programs pay you a percentage. Your 30fold store works much more like a traditional business paying your the difference between your wholesale and retail prices.

The 30fold Affiliate Program

An additional way you can profit from your 30fold store is by referring other store owners.

If you are a 30fold store owner, your 30fold affiliate ID is your store number. Your store will automatically contain some links back to 30fold with your referral or affiliate ID already built in. You may also place additional links on other websites and in email messages as long as in those sites and messages you are in complete compliance to all applicable laws and you are not also promoting products that may, in our sole judgement be deemed competitive, or antithetical to Bible based Christian ethics, values, and conduct.
There is no cost to become a 30fold affiliate. Non store owners may become a 30fold affiliate here.
Your affiliate commission is 30% of the total purchase. Affiliate commissions are calculated and paid on or about the the end of each calendar month for sales that were completed in the previous month. For example, if you refer a new store owner who registers a new store any time in the month of January, your commission will be initiated by the end of February.
Before affiliate commissions can be paid to store owners based in the United States, 30fold must have a completed IRS form W9. You can complete and return your W9 via email to info at 30fold dot com or fax it to (480) 287-8360 to attention 30fold Affiliate.
30fold affiliate commissions are paid based on the fee the new store owner pays, not on books or other items sold within any store or on any subsequent fees the store owner may pay for other services.
Affiliate commissions are distributed through PayPal. 30fold must have a valid email address that is registered in your PayPal account. You can register for a free PayPal account by clicking here.

Shameless Self Promotion

As a store owner you may also place links on your store for appropriate, non-competitive affiliate programs or businesses. 30fold reserve the right to limit links and ads based solely on 30fold discretion.


** The internal transaction fee plays an important role in keeping your store viable. Among other things, it helps indemnify you against fraudulent orders and helps defray merchant account costs.