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30fold Ad Supported

Your ad supported store is an entry level store which works well for anyone or any organization that is not experienced in eCommerce or has no track record to indicate the volume of sales to expect. Ad supported, means a small amount of the screen will contain advertisements that are control by 30fold. All ads are family friendly and do not feature anything that would compete with the store’s products.

An ad supported store can carry Christian or secular themed products, and you can add your own products that you fulfill.

  • Monthly Hosting – $0
  • One-time setup – $49.98 (USD)
  • Transaction Fee – 8-10% (Active back-link yields a 2% fee reduction)
  • CC Processing 35c + 3.5%
  • 256 bit SSL security and encryption
  • Selection of pre-built and tested templates
  • Christian stores carry over 250,000 books, music, CDs, DVDs, gifts, church supplies, etc.
  • Secular stores carry over 3.5 million titles

Your store can be customized

  • Design your own layout, or choose from out built-in templates
  • Upload your own logo
  • Create your own pages
  • Customize the products featured on your homepage and other pages to suit your organization or ministry objectives
  • Load and sell your own products
  • Create coupons and special offers
  • Adjust discounts on all items or selected groups
  • Create discount coupon codes
  • ** Create and send email campaigns
  • ** Participate in automated email campaigns

**  OPTIONAL Incurs an additional monthly fee of $9.95 for the first 1000 email messages then $10 for each additional block of 10,000. This optional feature also allows you to use our shared toll-free order processing number as your customer order assistance line. (Toll-free number available for U.S. based stores only)

This store option does not provide full search engine indexing for all pages. (See our Professional store options for fully indexed sites.)

How are orders handled?

  • Our stock items
    All products listed by default in the store are processed through our fulfillment partners. You are not responsible for handling, tracking, or shipping. That is all done for you.
  • Items you add to your store
    When an order is placed for an item you have added you will get an email message indicating all the details necessary for you to ship the item. You then enter your shipment tracking information into your back office

How do I get  paid?

All funds are deposited into a transaction trust account. Monthly the system will determine your earnings and automatically deposit them into your US based checking or savings account via ACH. You are responsible to setup your banking details in your back office in order to receive your funds.

Do I need to know HTML, Greek, ESPN, and other technical stuff?

Not at all. While some light HTML skills may come in handy for getting fancy, all necessary functions are point, fill out a form, and click. Mind you, your bookstore had a lot of options and capabilities—real honest to goodness online power! But your number one job as a store owner is simply to get traffic to your site. Your site can even be social media enabled, meaning your visitors can post and share items in your store to their Facebook profiles, and you can post items and links to your profile or build a Facebook page to support your site.

You may also set up special restricted login accounts so you can have assistants, employees, or interns help you without compromising your other essential data.

What about naming and branding my store?

Naming and branding are vital to any business. There are several aspects to consider. Are there already stores in your area or online using a specific name? Is a suitable domain name (URL) available? Through our partner organization, 30fold Domains, you can search for a domain name or URL that is appropriate and available.

Here are some tips when choosing a domain name.

  • A domain name can consist of letters, numbers, and dashes.
  • Shorter is better, but a domain name (the part between the www and the .com can be as long as 64 characters and can consist of all the letters of the alphabet, digits 0-9, dashes and underscores.
  • Acronyms and abbreviations are OK only if they are well known and commonly used
  • All domain names are non-case sensitive, so and are the same on the web and will take you to the exact same place. So you can string words together, then when you type them capitalize the first letter of each word for easier reading.
  • Misspellings can be cleaver – but are usually hard to remember. Go for easy to remember if possible.
  • Dot-Com still rules. Two things people assume about websites. First, they all start with www. Second, they all end with .com. Neither is true. For most websiteswww is optional. And there are all kinds of endings for website domain names. Most, but not all, of the 2 letter variety are related to specific country codes. Common ones you are free to use include .com, .net, .org, .info, .name, .cc, .us, .tv, .co, .me, .biz… These endings are called TLDs (Top Level Domains) I knew you would ask <smile>!
  • It is common business practice, once a domain name is selected, to purchase all or most of the common TLDs in order to protect the brand name. Some experts even recommend purchasing the insidious triple-x extension just so someone does not open a pornographic site with your name. Note, this is common practice, but not required and in many cases not even necessary or possible.
  • See 30fold Domains for more information on this topic. Our stall can also assist you through this portion of setting up your new online business.

Usage Restrictions

  • No data exports of product information are permitted
  • Your web store may not be used to sell anything of a pornographic, anti-Christian or unwholesome nature
  • You may not sell military equipment, firearms, ammunition, drugs, alcohol, or other regulated items with this service
  • You must agree to allow on-going ad support
  • Support is limited to email, forums, web, or pay-per-incident except for initial setup
  • U.S.A. based stores only