30fold Responsibilities Of Store Ownership

30fold and its business partners provide:

  • The opportunity
  • The storefront / merchant account
  • The base products and fulfillment for those products
  • The commission payment system
  • Training on how to use your storefront and back office

Things 30fold does not provide

  • How to use your PC
  • How to fix your PC
  • How to do your taxes
  • CPA or accounting support
  • Legal help – we strongly recommend store owners obtain a ++ LegalShield membership
  • Guarantee of profitability or success

Store owner responsibility

  • Keep up on the latest 30fold information by reading the website, and newsletters
  • Become an entrepreneur with a business mindset
  • Maintain a positive and encouraging demeanor
  • Keep your contact information current in your bookstore back office
  • Provide physical & phone & email contact for customers, 30fold
  • Drive traffic to your bookstore website
  • Do not post information, material, or links:
  • That compete directly with 30fold or with your own bookstore business. For example, do not post links to another bookstore business opportunity or links to a non-30fold online bookseller such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
    That are illegal, unethical, or that defame the name of Christ. **


30fold, Inc. provides multiple business opportunities. Some are decidedly Christian in nature, while others are equally appealing to people of all faiths, or to those without any religious leaning. Without shame or apology, 30fold, at its root, is an organization founded on Christian, Biblical business principles. While we respect opposing views others may hold and solidly support their right to hold them, we diligently seek to maintain an attitude and demeanor that reflects Jesus Christ and a Biblical, Christian world view. We reserve the right to foster and maintain those relationships that respect this position, and to sever those that do not, based on the sole judgment of 30fold leadership.

Through 30fold Benefits Group, 30fold is affiliated with and markets LegalShield.