Public Speakers Club Membership




1-year membership in Pure Potentials Speakers Club

Speakers Club is a personal and professional development opportunity to hone your speaking skills. Whether speaking to one or to many, speaking with clarity and confidence is vital in our personal and professional lives.

Speakers Club provides the stages people need to simply get up and practice their speaking skill sets. If you are a #ProfessionalSpeaker or not, if you are a #comedian looking for a place to test material, an author refining your book promotion, an #executive developing your leadership style, a seller of goods or services, if you are climbing a political or corporate ladder or involved in some form of ministry, or you simply enjoy telling stories and spinning yarns, then Speakers Club can help you do what you do even better.

Included in each annually renewed membership:

  • A “home” club – where you attend regularly
  • A 5, 3, or 1-minute speaking spot at your home club
  • Right to attend and **speak at any club
    ** Requires sufficient notice so the host can put you on the schedule.
  • A profile on the Pure Potentials site
    (Booking agents frequent these profiles)
  • Regular admission to 2 semi-annual speaker retreats attended by professional speakers and booking agents ($197 value per retreat)
  • Access to online sessions with author, speaker, trainer, and Pure Potentials Speakers Club founder, Jacki McLenaghan – Pure Potentials


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